An open source research tool for predicting vehicle greenhouse gas emissions and costs.

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New, interactive web application expected by April 2022


If you want to use this (codename=PVC, for Plugin Vehicle Competitiveness) tool to see how vehicles perform under various scenarios, or you want to run simulations using your own trip files, follow these directions to download the tool:

  1. Download this zip file on your computer (after clicking the link, click the download button in the upper right corner)

  2. Unzip, or extract, to a folder on your computer

  3. Inside the folder you just extracted, find the file pvc_Public_XXX.jar (where XXX is replaced with a version number)

  4. Double Click pvc_Public_XXX.jar. The below image, known as the Main Panel, should appear. If it does, congratulations, it works!

To start exploring, click any of the three bottom buttons of the Main Panel, 1. GHG Analysis, 2. Cost Analysis, 3. Cost vs GHG Analysis, then move any of the sliders to see the impact.

This tool requires a relatively modern version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on the computer running PVC. Many will have it already installed. However, if not, the directions for installing JRE have changed since the below User Guide was completed. Please see instead:

Consult the User Guide to learn more.

(note: This tool was primarily tested on a Windows 10 computer. The tool, written in java, should also work on other modern computer operating systems that support java applications, including Linux and macOS. However, the installation instructions may be different. We welcome Linux and macOS testers to share their suggestions with us, so that we can update these instructions.)


If you want to examine, build, or contribute to the source code of our tool, please visit our project page on GitHub.